Ration Drive for Daily Wagers in Lockdown due to Corona Virus

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Ration Drive For Daily  Wagers



HSE CMH Lahore started a project “FOOD DRIVE” at the end of March 2020 because Lock down situation due to Corona Virus affected a lot of people in Pakistan especially labours and vendors.Due to unemployment they were living from hand to mouth

The purpose of this project was to help needy people by providing a ration package which contained wheat flour, rice, oil ,pulses etc .The slogan raised by our team was :

You can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.

Our hard working president along with his committed team collected donations by approaching as many people as could be possible .


Donations were collected from students of CMH Lahore medical college including our core members,college staff and students, friends and many other persons we could approach.

The donations collected were used to buy ration bags .we managed to pack 300+ ration bags that were given to needy and poor families affected by this lockdown situation.